3 Ways to Honor the Deceased At Your Wedding

Weddings can be full of joy, but they can also be bittersweet for those who have lost loved ones along the way. It might bring you sadness to think about your big day without some of the most important people in your life to celebrate with. We’ve come up with some elegant ways to honor those you have lost and to include to honor on your wedding day. Just because they are gone – doesn’t mean they have been forgotten.

One. Memorial photo table. We’ve seen brides put together a collection of images of their loved ones that have passed. They include these images on a table as guests walk into the reception. It’s a great way to honor their legacy at your wedding.

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Two. Lit lanterns or candles in honor of those who have passed. Another touching way to remember relatives that have passed includes a special memorial table with photos and a lantern or candle lit in memory of that special person.

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Three. Memorial seats. We think that reserving seats in honor of your loved ones during your wedding ceremony is a great way to remember them. You can leave an image in the chair – or a special item that belonged to them – or even some memorial flowers in their honor.

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Four. Leave a “remembrance” section in your program dedicated to the deceased. You can leave a special section in your wedding program dedicated to those who have passed. Leave a verse or a simple note honoring their legacy.

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Five. Include a special memento pinned inside of your wedding dress or tied to your bouquet.

Memorial Bouquet Charms

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