5 Ways to Incorporate your Wedding Hashtag Into your Wedding

Wedding hashtags are the trend that doesn’t seem to stopping anytime soon. You have taken the time to pour your creative juices into choosing the perfect one – so let’s make sure you can spread the word to all your guests. We have compiled 5 ways you can incorporate that hashtag into your wedding:

  • Stick it in your program. Why not tastefully put your wedding hashtag on the bottom of your program you will have on hand at the ceremony? While guests are waiting for you to walk down the aisle, there is no better time for them to peruse the program.
  • Incorporate it on your wedding website. We’ve seen some creative couples place their hashtag on their wedding website. When guests visit the site to look for travel and registry information, the hashtag will be fresh on their mind.
  • Put it on a chalkboard or signage that welcomes your guests to your reception. While they are waiting for you and the bridal party take pictures, chance are that your guests have started cocktail hour. Get fancy by hand lettering your hashtag on your welcome signs. That way, they can enjoy a cocktail and start posting away.
  • Have the DJ/MC remind guests. We’ve been to wedding where the MC will announce the wedding hashtag at certain points during the evening. It’s a great way to get the word out!
  • Incorporate it into your decor (i.e. food and drink menus/placards at each table). We went the route of incorporating our hashtag onto some pretty placards that were placed on each table. You could even print the hashtag at the bottom of your food menus, or have it available on the drink menu at the bar as well.

We think wedding hashtags are great. We loved reliving our wedding through the eyes of others. We did a quick search of our hashtag in the days after our wedding and had so much fun looking at the photos our guests posted.