6 Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Wedding send-offs are so much fun. We’ve seen brides get super creative – and others choose to go the traditional route. We don’t think you can go wrong any way you slice it. Some of our favorite wedding photos we’ve seen over the years come from the send-off. However, please be sure to check with your reception venue to see what they will and will not allow (if you are attached to the idea of sparklers, keep in mind that some reception venues will not allow you to have them on the premises because they could potentially be a fire hazard). Without further ado, here are some ideas to send you and your groom off at the end of the evening.

ONE. Sparklers. Wedding sparklers make for some fantastic photos – in color- and in black and white. Hint: make sure you get the longer ones because everyone will have to light their sparkler and that takes some time.

Sparklers here:

We found these sparkler tags as well:

Or these:


Sparkler holder here:


TWO. Rose petals. This is one of the more traditional routes, but still pretty. You can ask your florist to provide rose petals for the occasion, or you can buy silk rose petals online. The real petals smell fantastic.


THREE. Bubbles. They look fantastic in photos. We’ve had a bride give out bubble guns to her wedding party to make for some extra special pictures, and the rest of the attendees received smaller bubbles to blow as the bride and groom made their exit.

Bubble guns here:


FOUR. Confetti. Now, this might be a bit messy, but if the wedding is an early afternoon wedding, confetti/confetti poppers are a fun (and colorful) way to send off the bride and groom. How cute are these poppers?

FIVE. Wands. You can find these in your wedding colors, or grab a bunch of different colors. These wands are a fun item to give your guests when you do the send off.


SIX. Pinwheels. We have seen this done at a wedding, and they are perfect for an outdoor or summer wedding. The guests (and kids) loved them.

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