Honeymoon Destination Under $2500: Morocco

Today’s honeymoon destination is Morocco. Earlier this week we featured a destination that you can indulge in without spending a ton of money: Belize. Today is all about Marrakech. Today’s destination, while exotic, will not break the bank. So you and your new hubby can enjoy your honeymoon without going into debt.

Image result for marrakech moroccoMarrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco. It is well-known for its tourism and is defined by its local artisans and vendors located in the outdoor markets. This is not a beach destination, but it has plenty of adventurous things to do. You can go hot air ballooning, mingle with the locals, take a camel ride through the desert, sample local fare, explore the palace, etc…

How to get there? If you are flying from the U.S., booking a flight into Europe and then Europe to Morocco will definitely be cheapest route. There are some great deals if you fly into Madrid first (approximately $500). The hopper from Madrid to Morocco tends to be on average $100. If you prefer to fly direct, you will have to leave out of JFK, as it’s the only airport that flies that route direct. We recommend monitoring several flight routes on Google flights before you actually book. It’s a great way to see when prices for the same route are at their lowest. Once in Morocco, most destinations are accessible by public transportation or rental car.

Where to stay? Stay in a riad near the marketplace. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house built around a central garden or courtyard. The marketplace in Marrakech is where most of the fun takes place. If you want to stay close to the marketplace, you can try the Riad Al Loune. There are deals right now for $113 per night. It also has a pool and a spa. They offer a complimentary taxi service to and from the airport.

Where to eat? We recommend exploring the marketplace for some local food. Your lunch will be cheap, with some of the local delicacies. Cafe Arabe also comes highly recommended – the average entree is $15 per person.

What to do? You must attend Moroccan cooking classes at La Maison Arabe. They will run about $60 per person. You also need to explore the marketplace during the day for handmade goods, but visit again at night where people go to eat and dance. A visit to the Jardin Majorelle is a must during your honeymoond. It’s a 12-acre botanical creation given to Marrakech by French painter Jacques Majorelle and later saved from development by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who bought it in the 1980s and, following his death, had his ashes scattered among its plants. The garden, which blends Moorish and art deco features, is filled with rare flowers. Hot air ballooning is also becoming a popular tourist activity.

What to wear? Since this is less of a beachy honeymoon – and more about exploration and adventure, bring some comfortable walking shoes for exploring the city. The roads can be dusty, so come prepared. Hand sanitizer is also a great idea.


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