Honeymoon Destination Under $2500: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We are continuing the trend this week by talking about some honeymoon destinations that will not break the bank. We’ve already talked about Belize and Marrakech, Morocco. Today, we are going to Mexico – specifically San Miguel de Allende. This honeymoon destination will cost you less than $2500 – and you will walk away with some instagram-worthy photos and adventures.

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San Miguel de Allende is located in central Mexico. At the beginning of the 20th century, this town almost became a ghost town due to the spread of influenza. Luckily, many artists were drawn to this part of Mexico due to its Baroque and neoclassical architecture, and it served as an epicenter of art and culture. These characteristics make it a fantastic place to explore because many of these original structures are still in place today.

How to get there? There are some amazing flight deals to Mexico currently (we are talking about $100 each way on Southwest). The Mexico City airport is about three and a half hours from San Miguel de Allende, Mexcio. There are also taxis, group shuttles, and private shuttles available. Shuttle services and private drivers should be booked in advance. Approximate cost from MEX to San Miguel:
Group Shuttles = $59 USD
Private Drivers = $150 USD

You can also fly into the Queretaro airport, which is about an hour away from San Miguel de Allende, Mexcio. There are also taxis, group shuttles, and private shuttles available. Shuttle services and private drivers should be booked in advance. Approximate cost from this airport to San Miguel:
Taxis = $100 UDS
Group Shuttles = $39 USD
Private Drivers = $75 USD

With the cost of a round trip flight and a shuttle/taxi or driver to and from the airports – you will probably spend less than $700 just in travel. This leaves lots left over for some sightseeing and hotels.

Where to stay? Only a few hundreds dollars per night will land you in a luxe hotel. Try the Casa 1810 – a luxury hotel in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, where colonial architecture meets modern comfort with some of the best views of the city. The price is also fantastic, with rates right now at just over $200/night. Full breakfast is included, and it’s just half a block from the center of town. If you want something a little more secluded, but still in the heart of the city, try Casa Misha. Right now, rates are right at $300 per night. It’s a boutique hotel with a private sundeck and easy accessibility to all things in the city.

What to eat? You have to sample their gorditas, mole, and stuffed chiles. Tacos are also a must. Try Doce 18, which is a shopping plaza near the center of town that serves up gourmet dishes. Sample local mezcal and tequila at neighborhood watering holes or rooftop bars. For the best baked goods (pastries, French bread, sandwiches, croissants, and cakes), try El Petit Four. You must try La Posadita. This restaurant boasts one of the best locations in San Miguel. The views from its rooftop terrace, with the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel on one side and the surrounding hills and mountains just visible from the other, are a major part of its popularity. Try the fajitas, stuffed chilies, and cochinita pibil Yucatan-style shredded pork marinated with orange juice.

What to do? San Miguel just won the World’s Best Award for the best city in the world. You can walk everywhere in the Centro. The public buses are cheap (30 cents) and taxis ($1.50 – $2.50) are plentiful. You must go shopping. San Miguel is known for locally-made crafts such as pottery, woven baskets and embroidered clothing. El Jardin – the central plaza – is a great spot to explore the historic center. The city is also home to more than 350 restaurants and several markets. You have to participate in a tequila tasting while you are there. The Church of the Immaculate Conception, locally known as Las Monjas or “the nuns,” is a Catholic space of worship that was completed in the mid-19th century by Zeferino Gutierrez. Check out the San Miguel de Allenda Bridge, which is a great photo-op. It frames a colorful view of some of the Spanish colonial architecture for which San Miguel de Allende is known. The Plaza Principal is located in the heart of the city


What to wear? Good walking shoes are essential. Also, be prepared for some fancy dinners – as there is some amazing cuisine to try. Luckily, it’s such a walkable city and taxis and uber are plentiful. You won’t need a rental car. Use any Spanish you have—people are very willing to try to understand you.

And here are some items we put together to complete your honeymoon in San Miguel de Allende.

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