Say Yes to the Dress!

So you’re engaged….now what? The dress, of course (after you handle these five things). Going wedding dress shopping was one of my most favorite things about planning my wedding (next to the menu tasting). I planned a fun day with the girls on a weekend my mom would be in town. I did this 11 months prior to my wedding, so I wouldn’t have the added pressure of choosing a dress that day. I knew I would still have some time to look. Now, keep in mind, most bridal shops ask that you give them at least a six to eight month lead time on ordering your dress in your size.

You don’t need your entire entourage to go, but I wanted my best friends there, along with their moms. It was such a special day. I made appointments at two different locations in Houston. We met at my house first for some champagne and snacks and headed to the first appointment. Now, on doing some quick research on wedding shops in Houston, I learned about Ventura’s Bridal. On various online reviews, people mentioned it was a great place to start your search. I didn’t even know what style I had in mind, so I figured that would be our first stop.

Pro-tip here: Make an appointment in advance and let them know if you are bringing a group.

When we got to the store, they hooked me up with my consultant, who was amazing by the way, seated our group and took my mom and I back into this massive room of wedding gowns. Our consultant told my mom and I to just pull what we liked and we narrowed it down from there. Then, the fun part: trying them on. We had several good selections and got down to business. I tried several on for my group – but none of them felt like “the one.” Then, I tried on the gown my mom chose – and everyone loved it. I loved it too! It was comfortable – and surprising and elegant – all at the same time ( I would never have imagined myself in something like this for my wedding day). My consultant paired the dress with a veil and gave me some flowers to hold – and I felt bridal! I thought that might be the dress, but my indecisiveness got the best of me, so we headed to the second shop.

I made an appointment with this shop as well, so they were ready for us (with champagne) when we arrived. Champagne is key to dress shopping. Their gowns were all beautiful – and I found one that I liked. Enter: dress dilemma. This dress was the complete opposite of the dress I liked at the other store. It was more modern and form fitting. The other dress was a ballgown.

Pro-tip: When you find a dress you like – stick with it.

I ended the day with no dress because I just could not decide. I felt like I needed to sleep on it. The next day, I went back with two friends – and purchased Dress #1. And I still love everything about it. It fit my venue – and was perfect for our day!

Tomorrow, I’ll be back for Wedding Wednesday, where I will feature one of my favorite vendors – for weddings…. and just life in general!