Style Steals: Splurge vs. Steal {Wedding Bands}

We thought it might be fun to start off the week with our splurge vs. steal wedding band edition!

Shopping for our wedding bands was surprisingly a lot of fun. The hubs and I headed to the jeweler, and I got to try on allll the pretty jewelry. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. Have you thought about what type of wedding band you might want? Do you want it to match your engagement ring exactly – or do you want one that stand out a bit? Let’s get straight to our splurge vs. steal of the day:

Splurge One. De Beers Classic Platinum Forever Wedding Band. You cannot go wrong with a De Beers anything. This wedding band is a timeless classic. It’s a platinum wedding band with a width of about 2mm.

Splurge Two. This splurge is brought to you by the one and only David Yurman. This is the Eden Three Row Wedding Band with diamonds. This wedding band has cable interior and has platinum pave diamonds. It’s 2.8 mm wide.


Splurge Three. If you like bling, this wedding band is for you. It’s an 18K gold Forzieri eternity band. It’s gorgeous. 

Now, we present to you some of our wedding band steals. These all look similar to the splurge bands we showed you earlier, but they are significantly less expensive. Still high on quality, but with a cheaper price tag.

Steal One. Our first steal of the day is this band below. It’s a smooth, rounded-edge band ring in 14K white gold. It’s similar to the first ring we showed you, but it is made of white gold instead of platinum. Still gorgeous, still classic and it’s a deal. Guys, it’s listed for one fifth the price of the splurge.

Steal Two. Similar to our second splurge, this wedding band also has three rows featuring the pave diamonds. It’s 14K white gold and such a great deal. This steal comes at half the price of the splurge.

Steal Three. This steal is almost an exact look-a-like for the third splurge, but it’s half the price. It’s a 1.00ct Diamond 14k White Gold Almost Eternity Wedding Band. We love how it’s an “almost” eternity band, which means you don’t have to worry about hitting any diamonds on the bottom of your band.



We hope you enjoy our splurge vs. steal series as much as we enjoy looking through alllll things wedding.

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