Summer 2018 Wedding Color Trends

Raise your hand if you are getting married in the summer of 2018? We are dreaming of warmer days ahead that is for sure. We wanted to talk about some of the hot color trends for summer 2018. We love summer weddings because you are able to incorporate a ton of vibrant hues into your color scheme. While fall weddings tend to use darker tones, summer weddings lend themselves nicely to pops of bright colors.

Some of the hottest wedding colors for summer 2018 look like this:


There are lots of combinations you can go with. You can pair the blue with the fuchsia. We love the below bouquet as your inspiration piece for that color combo.

pic courtesy secrets floral



We also love the green with fuchsia. You can use the fuchsia for the bridesmaids dresses and incorporate the green color into flowers, centerpieces and other small designs throughout the wedding. This inspo board below uses green detailing on the cake, which we think is genius and perfect for a summer wedding.


If you are more bold, you can go with yellow and fuchsia. The pops of yellow and fuchsia are a gorgeous combination.

pic courtesy

The purple and green color combination is also a winner for summer weddings. The wedding below incorporate peach as well, but we like the idea of swapping out the peach for white.

Sage green and orange is another fabulous duo.

Related image

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What about a royal blue, coral and white combo?

Image result for royal blue and coral wedding

pic courtesy Pinterest

Let us know what some of your favorite color combos are!

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