Thanking Your Wedding Vendors+Wedding Thank You Cards

A question many brides ask us is how to thank their wedding vendors. Your vendors made your wedding fabulous, so how do you thank someone appropriately? We’ve got the answer to your question.

One of the best ways you can thank your wedding vendor is to leave a review on one or all of the popular wedding review sites. Think back to when you were doing your search for vendors – your probably went through and read their reviews. That is how your vendors will get new customers, and it’s just a nice gesture.

On top of leaving a review, we think hand-written thank-you notes are such a nice way to express your gratitude for their help. You can include a small gift if you would like – or even a gift card! Keep in mind that your wedding vendors helped walk you through this process and did their best to make your day everything you imagined.

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Thank you cards:

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