The Wedding Registry Checklist Every Engaged Couple Needs

So you’ve made it to the wedding registry. We have found that couples either hate the wedding registry – or they love it. We are well aware that choosing wedding gifts can be overwhelming. What if the perfect china pattern you picked in the store ends up not fitting in your home as well as you thought? What if that silverware you loved – just isn’t doing the trick when it arrives in person? we are going to cut back on some of that hassle for you. Room-by-room, we’ve outlined the best things to put on a wedding registry. Up today, is the kitchen. We also recommend building an online registry – because you can actually take your time to research items before you add them. It’s also super easy to remove them or add additional items as you want. Create your online registry today.

Today, we are giving you the list for essential kitchen items:

  • Coffee machine/maker (Coffee makes everything better)
  • Slow Cooker (You must put this on your list for hassle-free dinners)
  • Knife Set (Chances are – you are your fiance are both coming to the table with some used/worn knife sets of your own. Ditch those and put a brand new one on your registry)
  • Cookware (see note above. We recommend an 8-10 piece set)
  • Mixer (this is an iconic piece in every kitchen, and we think every new bride needs one)
  • Cutting Board (We would go with a nice, wooden one and then a pack of plastic ones for chopping your veggies)
  • Cookie Sheets (We recommend 2-4)
  • Cooling Rack (for the above mentioned cookie sheets)
  • Mixing Bowls (for the cookies you will be making)
  • Pie Plate
  • Rolling Pin
  • Miscellaneous Cooking Utensils (think new spatulas, wooden spoons, mixing spoons, can openers, potato mashers, vegetable peelers, cheese graters, tongs, ice cream scoop, etc..)
  • Colander
  • Butter Dish
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers


We hope this helps,

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