Unique Groomsmen Gifts: Bowties

Choosing gifts for your bridal party can be fun. We’ve talked a lot in the past about gifts for your bridesmaids, but what about gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding party? Guys can be difficult to shop for, so we are featuring some unique gifts for the (grooms)men in your life.

We love the idea of gifting functional gifts. So why not gift them with something they can actually wear on your wedding day? We love the idea of gifting bowties in your wedding colors. You can also customize them to fit the personality of each of your groomsmen:

These Brackish bowties are our absolute favorite. We may or not be guilty of picking a couple of them up for gifts. They are a bit pricey, but they are so unique and such statement pieces. Check them out:


Below are several other options. Look how gorgeous those colors are. They would look fantastic in wedding photos. (click to scroll)

We like this one, but it comes in lots of other colors as well.

We love these polka dot bowties, which also come in several different colors.

Here are some other unique bowties that might fit the bill for your groomsmen gifts in alllll of the colors and patterns you might think of.


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