Wedding Guest List How-To

Creating the guest list can be one of those wedding tasks that just isn’t fun. Honestly, it was one of my least favorite parts because I didn’t want to leave anyone out. I’m here today with a how-to guide to build your guest list that will help minimize the stress. It might even make this wedding planning task fun!

Guest list numbers. The number of people on your guest list should be determined by how many people your ceremony and reception site are able to hold. Make sure you know how many guests both your ceremony and venue location will max out at. Experts say that about 20-25% of guests reply “no” to a local wedding. Approximately 30-35% respond “no” to a destination wedding. Keep these percentages in mind as you plan.

Create an “A” and “B” guest list. This might sound strange, but keep reading. Creating two different versions of a guest list allows you to invite those guests who are your top priority (i.e. immediate family members and close friends). You can send those invitations first and you might even have a good ideas as to which of these people are actually attending the wedding. The “B” list might include more distant relatives and friends that you haven’t seen in awhile. The B list might even include your parent’s friends if they have some they insist on including.┬áMake sure you give yourself plenty of time for people to reply prior to the RSVP date.

Stick to your list. Once your wedding guest list is created – stick to it. This might be the most important piece of advice I have for you. It will save you a significant amount of stress down the line. It will cut back on those last minute add-ons, which can start consuming your time in the form of having to compile and send out additional save-the-dates, invitations, food requests, escort cards, table placement, etc… Come up with a polite response for those who assume they are invited: “It’s going to be a more intimate setting with just our close family and friends.”

Happy Wedding Guest-list making!

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