Wedding Inspo: What to Wear to your Rehearsal Dinner

Finding the perfect rehearsal dinner dress can be one of the most difficult things to buy in preparation for your wedding- at least it was for me. Finding my wedding dress was actually easier than finding the perfect dress for my rehearsal dinner. Here are some quick tips to finding the right dress for your rehearsal dinner.

  1. My biggest piece of advice is to start early. It took me several tries and multiple shopping trips until I found the right one. None of the ones I tried early in my search seemed “special enough.” It had to be a bit more fancy than my shower dress, but I still wanted it to be fun, comfortable and pretty.
  2. Keep the time of year in mind. If you are shopping in February, and your rehearsal dinner is in June – just remember that certain trends might change over the months, that the temperature will be much different in a latter part of the year, etc… If you shop in August – there are always tons of deals on white dresses – not to mention that there are plenty of options.
  3. Location, location, location. Where are you hosting your rehearsal dinner? If your location will be more formal – you want something sleek and sophisticated – but that doesn’t take away from your wedding dress. If it is a bit more casual, find a dress that is fitting of the location, but not too over-the-top.
  4. Shoes can be a great accessory.¬†Whether you are going casual – or formal for your rehearsal dinner, a great shoe can add flair to any dress. You can go for a nice wedge, a chunky heel or a stiletto. Flats work just as well. You can do tan, white – or even a fun color. I chose a nice, pink wedge and didn’t spend a fortune. Bonus: I was able to re-purpose during our Honeymoon (Hawaii) and Easter the following year.
  5. Accessorize. A simple accessory like a dainty necklace can really add a bit of extra personality to your look. Make it your own with one of your favorite necklaces or pair of colorful earrings.

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