Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Party Expenses

We love love love going to bachelorette parties. But paying for the bachelorette party when you are also in the wedding party – is a different story. Those expenses can add up quickly. We are going to talk today about ways to slash those bachelorette party expenses – so you can celebrate the bride, without breaking the bank.

  1. Decide on a budget everyone is happy with. This is the most important step because it ensures everyone is on the same page. Someone might have champagne taste, but on a beer budget. Now is a great time to get that group text going to see if everyone is on the same page with staying locally, taking into account how many of the girls will be coming from out-of-town, and seeing if budgets generally align. We will admit that sometimes it can be cheaper to head out-of-town based on good flight deals. We opted for Mexico for my bachelorette because everyone was on board with the fact that we had all done bachelorette parties in some repeat cities, so we were willing to spend a tad more for everyone to go someplace new. Or maybe everyone wants to stay local – there are plenty of fun ways to make a staycation seem like a mini-getaway.
  2. Decide the method of payment. Is everyone going to pay for things as you go? Will one person tally up the total and make the split at the end? Make sure all of the ladies are on the same page about how they are going to get the right person paid. Are you willing to accept checks or cash – or would you really prefer venmo? Does everyone in the group have venmo if that is what you are expecting? Setting these expectations up front make it easier for you to get your money at the end.

  3. Decide what the bride will pay for – and what she won’t. By now, you know the budget everyone is comfortable with. Now, you can assess what you think most people will want to spring for – for the bride. Everyone likes to treat the bride. Decide up front what expenses the group will cover. Will you cover her hotel stay – or just meals? If you are going somewhere on a plane, the bride can certainly spring for her own plan ticket. A nice gesture is to cover her evening meals and all of her drinks, and the bride can cover her own expenses throughout the day. If you are including a lingerie shower in the bachelorette party – the group should cover those expenses for decor and gifts.
  4. Decide who is going to grab the checks. Will you have one person responsible for picking up the dinner tab everyone evening? It certainly makes it easier to pay one person back at the end of the bachelorette party. Will a dedicated person be responsible for handling the check each night? Do you plan on splitting the check each evening? If so, you need to know who is going to pay for the bride that particular meal and be sure to let your waiter know you would prefer split checks at the beginning of your meal. Tip: I never mind picking up the tab for the group, because I have a rewards credit card and don’t mind getting the extra points – especially when I know I will get reimbursed. We feel it’s necessary to mention this here. We’ve all been at a group dinner, where maybe you just ordered one drink and an appetizer. The group decides to split the bill equally, and before you know it, you wind up with a $30 tab for your two items. There are typically larger bills split by the entire group at a bachelorette party, so prep for that ahead of time.
  5. Decide on a payment deadline. Money can be a touchy subject, but it doesn’t have to be. Requesting money from people you don’t know all that well can be a bit awkward, but when you communicate expectations clearly to the group – everyone should be on the same page. If you have agreed to pick up the tab for certain components of the bachelorette party, it is your responsibility to tally up those totals in a timely manner. Use a spreadsheet, maintain a Google doc or keep electronic copies of the receipts. It helps to provide a breakdown of expenses (i.e. food, decor, hotel, etc…) so they have an idea of what it is they are paying for. Once you divvy out the damage, it is your responsibility to decide on a payment deadline, and communicate that deadline politely.Cheers to a fun bachelorette,

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