Your Wedding Veil Questions Answered + Wedding Veil Sale

We recently wrote a post on wedding veil styles that garnered lots of attention. You can read that post here. It turns out, we weren’t the only ones who had questions about choosing the perfect veil. Many of you wrote to us after that post was published with some more questions about wedding veils. So today, we thought it would be fun to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about veils, as well as show some that are currently on sale.

Lots of you had questions about veil style. How do you choose the perfect style to go with your gown? We answered that question in our veil post, but I’m answering here as well:

What type of style should I go with for my wedding veil?

This is an excellent question. You should consider your wedding dress and choose a veil that compliments and enhances your gown. The veil shouldn’t take anything away from your wedding dress. You should also choose a style that goes with your wedding venue. If it’s an outdoor ceremony for example, we might go with something shorter. However, if you are getting married in a large church – that’s the perfect place to wear a cathedral veil.

Here is an example of a cathedral veil. This particular version can be found at BHLDN.

Another popular question was the following:

What is the most popular style?

In short, there is no particular veil style that is currently more trendy than another. We think that the fingertip veil is such a versatile piece and is flattering for most wedding dress styles.

Fingertip Veil: This particular veil can be found at Nordstrom.

Our next question is practical, and we have some good advice for you.

How do you keep your veil in place?

The comb attached to your veil is a good starting point, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you depend on to keep your veil secure. Once your veil is positioned where you want it (remember to practice at your final hair appointment before the big day), use bobby pins to guarantee your veil won’t move during your big day.

When should you remove your veil?

Depending on the type of veil you opt for, you might not need to take it off. If you go for one of the longer styles, you might decide to swap that out after your ceremony is over – for a shorter version – like a blusher. That way, you can enjoy your reception without worrying that your guests might step on your veil. If you opt to wear a blusher over your face throughout your ceremony, and you know you don’t want to continue wearing your longer veil during your reception, make sure that the blusher and longer veil are separate.

Blusher veil: This one can also be found at BHLDN.

What hairstyles work the best with veils?

We answer this question a ton. The correct answer is to choose whatever hairstyle you feel the most comfortable with, and your hairdresser will be able to make your veil work! However, there are certain things to take into consideration. If you are dead-set on wearing your hair down, most veils will work with this type of style. If you are considering an intricate up-do, you might want to go with a veil that will allow you to showcase your hairstyle – think something a bit more sheer or thin.

We love it when brides incorporate subtle hair accessories (like this one) to complement the veil.

So there you have it – answers to your most frequently asked veil questions – and some options to choose from.

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