3 of the Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

With so many moving pieces involved in planning a wedding, something is bound to not go as planned. Today we are here to talk about five of the most common mistake you can make when planning your wedding. If you read this – these mistakes are totally preventable.

  1. Not deciding on the number of guests early in your planning. This is one of the most costly wedding planning mistakes you can make. The number of guests you agree upon dictates your venue, how much you can spend per head and ceremony space. This is one of those early tasks you should accomplish to make sure you and your groom are on the same page. That way, as you begin to look for locations, you will have a rough idea in your head. It will also help you determine how you create your guest list. When you mother-in-law hands you that list of people she knew ten years ago at the last minute – you have the liberty to tell her you are already maxed out on the number of people you invited.
  2. Not sticking to your budget. This is a costly wedding planning mistake that can haunt you long after you say I-do’s. We know you want your perfect day, but you also want to have a balance in your bank account after the fact. Decide on your budget and stick to it. Incorporate a line item of miscellaneous expenses so you have some wiggle room if and when you need it. Constantly making exceptions to your budget can get you in some big trouble down the road. If you need some advice on how much you should be spending – check out our wedding budget breakdown. 
  3.  Not reading vendor contracts. Vendor contracts are important, ya’ll. They include time limits and any fees you might not have discussed up front. They also include a breakdown of everything that is included in the fees for their services. Read these thoroughly so there aren’t any surprises down the line. We’ve heard of brides who haven’t read the fine print and end up getting charged extra because they weren’t aware of the block time they had actually booked the vendor for. If that task seems daunting to you, run it by your wedding planner, your maid-of-honor or your groom. Better yet – let all three of them see it.

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