Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Budget Breakdown

Here we go again with the “B” word. Our hope is that we can surmount the wedding budget hurdle and give you some practical advice. If you must, you can find all things budget-related here. When I first started planning my wedding, I wasn’t sure where the bulk of my precious wedding funds should be spent. Do you spend the most on the venue – or the photographer? How much should I be spending on my flowers? All practical questions. Today, we are breaking down the wedding budget to help you feel a bit more comfortable when you start spending.

Reception: 48-50 percent

Photographer/videographer: 10-12 percent

Floral: 8-10 percent

Wedding dress/tuxedo: 8-10 percent

DJ/Band: 8-10 percent

Invitations/thank-you notes: 2-3 percent

Wedding Rings: 2-3 percent

Parking/Transportation: 2-3 percent

Ceremony: 2-3 percent

Gifts: 2-3 percent

Miscellaneous: 8 percent

Remember, all those extras can add up. Don’t forget to add a line item for tips into your budget, and keep track of all those small things that can add up. Finally, if you are paying for your honeymoon, go ahead and include that in your wedding budget as well. This will give you and your groom a good idea of how much you will need to save in the coming months.

Let us know what other wedding budget questions you have on your mind.

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