Ways to Wow your Wedding Guests

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. Your reception should be one of the biggest parties you and your spouse will throw in your lifetime. Why not put out all of the stops to make it an experience your guests won’t forget.

Create a welcoming space. You want your guests to feel comfortable the second they walk into the door of your reception. Make sure that the space dictates where they should go and what they should do. Are the escort cards easily accessible? Is it clear where they need to sit? Is the bar close by? We were recently at a wedding where the bride brought in these vibrant couches and places them near the cocktail area – so guests could sip their beverages and lounge on the couches. By bringing these couches in, she created almost a separate space where guests could relax and catch up with friends they hadn’t seen in a long time. We also love it when brides make the bathroom items personal. We’ve seen some do care baskets in the bathroom that have anything you might need: aspirin, hairspray, lotion, hair ties, you name it. Make it fun and creative and your guests are sure to remember your wedding.

Include some statement concepts. Those couches we mentioned above were certainly statement pieces. We’ve seen some brides bring in some elaborate, rented lighting pieces (think: fancy chandeliers) that completely transformed the room. We’ve seen ice sculptures with the new initial that made for one of the most beautiful seafood displays, and custom hanging installations over the dance floor are making their way into the wedding scene.

Provide an after-hours party. Instead of favors, why not offer late-night bites? We have seen brides carry the after-party over to a different room. Make it fun and relaxing – especially if people are traveling a long way to come to you. We’ve had some brides bring in food trucks that are waiting outside once they send the bride and groom off. We have seen some offer late-night chicken and waffles, which were delicious. And we have had others provide some great bar snacks. It’s a great way to end the evening after you send off the bride and the groom.

Bring the outside in. We have seen this trend throughout 2017, and we must say, it is one of our favorites. We have seen brides create beautiful floral installations over the dance floor with live flowers that are hung from the ceiling. Talk about a statement piece. We also love centerpieces that transform a ballroom into a garden – with votives hanging off of birch branches and greenery everywhere.

Have fun props. We love a wedding with some great props. It makes it interactive and encourages your guests to have some fun. What about bringing a photo booth to the reception? Or even those fun photo props for fun pictures. We love the idea of glowsticks (have your wedding coordinator pass them out on the dance floor). We had some glowstick glasses at our wedding and the pictures were so much fun. We have also been to weddings where the band threw inflatable items out into the crowd (think inflatable guitars and microphones, hats, crowns) and the end result was so much fun.

Whatever you do, think of some ways to make it an evening your guests will fondly remember.

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