Wedding Photo Timeline Ideas

As we’ve mentioned before, your wedding photographer is one of the most important people you can hire for your wedding. In fact, we recommend you set aside a bulk of your budget (10-12%) for your photographer. That being said, your photographer should be asking you for a list of must-have photos you want. So be thinking about some of those shots you can’t live without and start writing them down. We’ve created a wedding photo timeline list of ideas for you to get those wheels spinning:

Getting ready shots (bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen and moms and dads)

Dress on (buttoning up, fluffing the dress, putting jewelry on, etc..)

First look (if you’re planning on this)

Bridal Party

Family Shots

Pre-ceremony shots (in limo, waiting in the bridal suite)

WEDDING CEREMONY (self-explanatory)

Family Formals

Bridal Party (part 2 with bride and groom included)

Any special shots you want on-site at the ceremony (maybe you want that sunset picture of just the two of you)

Reception Details (we wanted to remember everything, so our photographer went in to snag photos of the room without anyone in it)

Cocktail Hour

Special family photos (Pictures with all of the bride’s side of the family, any special fraternity and sorority pictures, college pictures, etc…)



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