Wedding Signage 101

Happy Monday! Our week is off to a busy start already (can I have another cup of coffee, please?). Today we wanted to chat a bit about wedding signage.

Appropriate signs can work wonders in instructing your guests what to do. Do you want them to sign the guest book? Pick up their escort card? Identify the exact room the reception will held? What about name your specialty wedding cocktails? Today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite wedding signs that will work for any type of theme.

First up – chalkboard signs. You can have someone (your bestie, your wedding planner, your mom, etc..) get really creative with these. These signs come in various sizes – so you can place one outside of the chapel directing your guests inside, or you can place one asking them to sign your guestbook.

We also love these white frame chalkboards. These are perfect for any personalized cocktails you might want to label, or instructing guests where to place their gifts.

Another unique way to incorporate signage into your wedding is to let your ring bearer and flower girl announce the bride. We think it’s one of the cutest ways. These that we found are double sided, which would be great for photos.

And if you love your pets just as much as we do- there are even signs to let your dog wear down the aisle.

This sign is beautiful. It’s perfect to set up outside of a more formal wedding and looks even better decorated with some flowers. These are handmade and come in three different colors.

These come in a pack of 10, so they are perfect for scripting table numbers or for labeling food. They are on the smaller side (about 8-inches tall), so they are perfect for those smaller labeling jobs.


We think this idea is absolutely genius. You can order these decals to stick on your signs. This gives you the effect that you want, without having to do the writing or drawing yourself. These decals are completely customizable. These would look great on a canvas board, mirror, rustic wooden sign, or a small chalkboard.

These types of signs are great to display on a photo or guest book table. They look nice without costing you a ton of money. Or maybe you want to do a memorial table, then this sign would be the perfect way to honor relatives who have passed.

These chair signs are adorable and a great way to decorate the chairs of honor for the bride and groom.

And finally, what about some parking signs? These directional parking signs come in a set of two and are just under two-feet tall.

We believe the secret to a great wedding is all in the smaller details. We hope these suggestions help give you some wedding inspiration on this Monday. We have also compiled some other wedding signs for you on our Shop Wedding page.

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