5 Creative Place Card Holders

We think that place cards can be a great way to spice up your existing decor. Yes, you heard us right. Not only do they help eliminate the awkwardness of guests choosing their own seats, there are so many unique types of place card holders available now. So, if you are going that route, why don’t you opt for some of these ideas:

  1. Oyster shells– we recently attended a wedding down at the beach, and they used hand-painted oyster shells as the place cards for guests at the rehearsal dinner. We thought it was a such a beautiful way to mark each person’s seat. The oyster shells had a sweet story behind them as well – they were collected by the bride’s father over the years because he thought they were so pretty. He knew he would find a use for them one day – and that day happened to be her wedding. We found these┬áthat you could definitely hand-paint, but you can also go harvest some yourself if you have a chance.

  2. Picture frames– We love a simple, tiny frame with each person’s name printed inside. The frame can match your wedding accent color as an added bonus. Guests can take these home when they leave as their favor.

  3. Corks– We love the idea of using corks as place card holders. They can add an elegant touch to your wedding, but can also match a more rustic look as well. We’ve been to weddings where the couple actually used corks from bottles of wine they had drank themselves so it was a more personally addition.

  4. Faux antlers– Okay – this idea is a nod to a good ol’ Texas wedding. If you are having a rustic wedding, please, please, please use these. We think these antlers would be a fantastic way to show your guests where to sit.

  5. Marble– We mentioned in this post some 2018 wedding trends. Marble is at the top of that list. We think these gold and marble place card holders would be such an elegant way to mark seats for your guests. We love the marble – and we love the gold.