Wedding Registry 101

Are you getting married this summer or fall? It’s time to get started on that wedding registry if you haven’t already. I’m not going to lie when I say that creating my registry was my favorite part of getting married, because it wasn’t. I found the entire process to be a bit overwhelming because you had to make choices about your china pattern right there in the store. Props to you if you are one of those ladies who already has their pattern picked out. We went to a big box store at first, but I wish we had just gone with the online registry from the beginning.

Our big recommendation when it comes to your wedding registry is to create an online registry- it’s simple to switch things items in and out, and many online companies still give you that big 20% discount when you purchase items off of your registry after you get married. So, create your wedding registry today.

We’ve got you covered on a list of kitchen items – see our post here. Today, we are going to share some helpful tips to get you started creating your registry.

ONE. Add items to your registry by room. For example, think about the bathroom and the things you will need in your bathroom (new towels, hand towels, rugs, etc..). When you tackle your registry by room, it makes it much more doable that adding items haphazardly.

TWO. Check off the big tickets items you know you want and add those to your registry first. Do you really need a new set of cookware because you and your fiance both have sets that have been passed down? Add that cookware set first. What about a new knife set because the one you have leaves much to be desired? Add that in there. You can add the other, smaller items later.

THREE. If you are using an online registry, check to see what types of perks might be available. Will they offer you the registry completion discount like a lot of the big box stores? We know this one does and there is free shipping off order more than $25.

FOUR. Don’t do this all at once. It’s overwhelming. Do one room a day. That gives you time to research the items you want to research and make the best choices.

We will be back next week with our list of specific items you need for the bathroom!


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