Wedding Registry: Bathroom Edition

We’ve discussed wedding registries in the past. Most brides either love them or hate them. You can view our take on the online registry here and actually register for yours today. You can also check out our take on the wedding registry checklist that everyone needs. We are trying to break your registry down room by room to make it seem less intimidating. Today, we are focused on the bathroom. We know, we know. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting room, but hey – it’s the place where we can truly pamper ourselves and indulge a bit.

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Wedding Registry Checklist: Bathroom

Bath towels (most people recommend 6)
Hand towels (6)
Floor mats under each sink (1 or 2) These memory foam ones are our favorite.
Shower floor mat for your shower (1)
Waste basket for bathroom (1)
Tissue box cover (1)
Shower curtain (1)
Shower curtain liner (1)
Shower curtain rings (1)
Toilet paper holder (1)
His and hers bathrobes (these are for fun, but why not?)

These items cover all of the main items you will need for your bathroom. You can always add more towels later if you decide you need more for guest bath/bedroom.

And remember, feel free to keep adding to your registry if you find things you like. If it’s done online, it is super easy to make that switch.

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