Most Popular Posts of 2017

With 2018 just days away, we need to stop for a second and reflect on this past year. We don’t know about you, but it has just flown by. We have so many things to look forward to in 2018, including the wedding of one of our very good friends (coming at you in June). We loved launching this little space on the web this year, and we thank you for visiting.

Here are our top 5  most popular posts this year:

Veils: You ladies needed this veil tutorial as much as we did when we were in your shoes.

You loved our tips for destination weddings. For those of you planning any destination weddings in 2018, we have lots of content planned, so stop by again.

In need of a wedding hashtag? We’ve got you covered. Sharing ways to incorporate the hashtag into your wedding was another must-read in 2017.

The first thing we think you must buy before you even start the planning – is a guide. You loved our top picks for wedding guides.

Finally, you loved our post on hot wedding trends in 2018.

As always, we want to bring you the content that you enjoy reading the most. Feel free to contact us with any questions or types of content you want to see more of.

We will be back with you on Monday. Have a safe a fun holiday weekend.

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